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• GO, CROCODILE, GO: This cute-as-a-bug critter on wheels is what you get when you combine a crocodile with a remote control car. Your toddler will have a blast zooming around the room with this little guy.

• EASY-USE REMOTE CONTROL: This RC car (aka croc) comes with a remote control that's easy for kids and toddlers to use on their own. Push one button to go forward and another to turn, all on a remote shaped like a cute little bug.

• SOUND EFFECTS: Along with being easy to use, fast, and cute to look at, this crocodile also has sound effects! Push the button on his back to turn on some music as you race around.

• THE PERFECT GIFT: Who wouldn't jump for joy after unwrapping this lil guy? Makes the perfect birthday

or holiday gift for boys and girls who love both

animals and race cars!

Remote Control Croc

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