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"The Lion Does Not Turn Around When A Small Dog Barks."                                ~African Proverb

What is a Lioness?


A Lioness is a strong fearless female who chases her dreams, follows her intuition, listens to her instincts and above all always protects her pride. A lioness understands her place in the world and believes in herself and her abilities. Beautiful yet fierce creatures, a Lioness uses her powers for survival and the good of her community.


Inside us all lives a lioness. Some have found her- others are still looking. For some people this effort starts on the inside though mental and spiritual connections and works its way outward. Meanwhile, many women grow personal acceptance though compliments and positive feedback from others. Either way, once we accept our capabilities and learn to stand up for ourselves we are no longer victims of circumstances. We become more aware of our surroundings, make better choices, and walk away from unnecessary drama. Still, we can remain prepared to fight for ourselves and all those who cannot defend themselves.


As all these things come together in our head- we realize, we alone are responsible for the life we choose to live, the places we go, and whom we spend our time with. When we seek and embrace our own self worthiness we can suddenly find ourselves surrounded by positivity and limitless opportunities to guide, lead and inspire others daily. If we dig deep, it is possible to see that we can be all things soft yet strong. We can be a provider, protector and promoter for ourselves. There is no shame in being your own biggest fan.


A Lioness does not allow her feminism to limit her. Rather, she is courageous and bold even in the face of danger.  Like a lioness we can remain wild at heart, be free to roam, and still wise enough to persevere through any perils we face.


Be Brave ~ Be Confident ~ Be Strong

Be a Lioness


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