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Lioness Brand

Intellectual Property of Hope Carr

Based In Carrington, North Dakota

Brand Clothing
Coming Soon

Lioness Brand

Lioness private label brand is currently in preproduction.

Estimated Launch: 2020


Lioness brand clothing will provide a high quality USA made product unlike anything currently on the market. This revolutionary womens fashion line will empower women in all walks of life to stand a little taller and walk with a noticeable confidence in themselves.


 Our mission is to create a mix and match collection perfect for a wide variety of fashionistas.  From working professionals to busy stay-at-home Moms, ranching women to small business owners: there will be something for everyone. Whether living under the bright lights of the big city or rocking it in the country Lioness brand clothing is being designed with the unified purpose of helping females protect their pride.


No doubt, these everyday essential pieces from Lioness will become part of your daily wardrobe. With success, the line will continue to grow and expand into a pool of many choices. With your support, new fabrics, colors, styles, and seasonal options may be offered in the future.


Thank you for visiting our site and learning more about our passion for fashion. To view the Lioness collection click the showroom button here or in the navigation bar above. If you like what you see, be sure to follow us on facebook.  If you are interested in becoming a Lioness dealer and want to learn more about our brand, please send us an email with the word "Wholesale" in the subject line and a message with a little about yourself.


Shop Lioness

Feel free to shop our extra fashions, shoes, accessories, home goods and personal protection options on the shop page of our website.  These bonus selections have been added to this site as ideal mix and match pieces to complete your Lioness outfits. The products featured on the shop section of our website are not exclusive to our private label but rather just allows a fuller offering to our valued customers.


Your feedback and shopping desires are always welcome!

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